Top EdTechCompany Byjus using AI/ML solution keep track of the customer enquiries for their E learning App

  • 11/03/22


BYJU'S is India's most well-known Edu-tech company, best recognised for its K-12 learning app, which provides students with comprehensive, engaging, and highly adaptive learning programs. To provide tailored learning experiences across all grades, BYJU employs pedagogical methodologies, innovative technology, world-class teacher support, and data science. Furthermore, with a current worth of $16.5 billion, it has up to 80 million registered users and 5.5 million customers. With such a large platform and so many new users joining on a daily basis, the organisation was in desperate need of streamlining the operations of its platform.

Byjus was facing so many challenges due to the increased customer base such as less bandwidth to handle user enquiries and there was no proper analysis system to generate reports and track leads which eventually made the sales activities difficult to carry out. Importantly, The team was unable to follow the shipping status of the orders, thus tracing the deliverables and delivery status difficult. To overcome all these challenges Byjus approached the company called openXcell.

openXcell is a leading IT solution company founded in 2009. It has a huge pool of skilled employees for Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence.


BYJU's lacked a good tracking system, and its logistics system needed to be optimized as well. The finance team also did not have access to detailed payment reports. Given that BYJU's business was overwhelmed with consumer enquiries, OpenXcell swiftly expanded the team to provide a tailored solution to speed up and optimize its business operations. They also offered a consolidated inventory and order management solution to assist sales managers in keeping track of targets met.

OpenXcell supported BYJU's logistics department by defining the procedure and assisting them in tracking the delivery progress. For lead handling and communication, third-party integrations such as LeadSquared and FreshDesk were developed. BYJU's was ultimately able to optimise its processes with the help of tailored solutions offered by OpenXcell, which significantly increased its overall customer satisfaction.

The provided solutions had different intriguing features such as complete automation of processes using innovative technologies like artificial intelligence, A role-based dashboard to keep track of the workflow, A central repository, Logistic workflow alignment, and integration of third-party applications for tracking the lead generated.


The newest solution could speed up their desired operations significantly. Byjus could handle all the customer enquiries for their learning application even it witnessed a dramatic surge in daily users.

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