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GRAPES is the AICRA initiative, launched in pursuance of the vision& mission of providing industry ready solutions, helping the industry to develop the best products and creating a market place to showcase. A platform to play the role of “market-maker” by providing industry ready solutions and also providing opportunities to Innovators to showcase their best of industrial practices.

Being always committed to provide a hub for innovations, increasing productivity by providing cost effective tech solutions, decreasing on production cost by increasing employee efficiency and giving the solutions to the industry which are ready to use with maximum output and guaranteed results.

For you, with you, by you – concept where you flourish with the technology. It’s for you – whether you are searching for a industry solution or you want to provide one, this is the one place for both solution seeker & solution provider; with you - where you showcase your innovations & talent to the world, so is accessible to anyone around the globe; by you – as it’s created for you to explore the world of technology around the globe.

So, what are you waiting for, just upload all your industry solutions at one place and showcase to the world – World of opportunities. With us and for you always!

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28-29-30 June, 2024
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