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How GRAPES works?

Global Resource for Automation Projects and Enterprise Services i.e. GRAPES is an Online Marketplace for modern technology solution providers in AI, ML, Data Science, Robotics, Quantum Computing, IoT etc. and organizations from various industry sectors that are seeking technology solutions for solving their business problems or bringing innovation to their product/service offerings.

For Consultants/Solution Providers

  • After completing the Registration Process, the Consultant must complete the profile elaborately with all his/her updated technology skills and experience in various industry sectors
  • Once any Solution Seeker or any company that is looking for Consulting from Technology Experts/Consultants, they will post their requirement on GRAPES, an alert is sent out to all relevant Consultants/Solution Providers about the requirement
  • After the Consultants/Solution Providers have gone through the requirements published by Solution Seeking companies on GRAPES Portal, they can decide if they wish to pitch or show interest to the requirement by replying to it
  • Then the company finalizes on the hiring the Consultant/Solution Provider and provide confirmation to a particular Consultant/Solution ProviderAfter the Solution Seeking Company which has posted the requirement on the GRAPES Portal gets acknowledgment by the Consultants/Solution Providers, the company then decides which Consultant/Solution Provider they wish to discuss further about their requirement
  • The Consultant/Solution Provider then agrees on the Pricing and the final requirements for the customer delivery
  • Payments are settled in advance for any Consulting sessions or Readymade Products required by the customers
  • Consultants/Solution Providers provide customer delivery and ensure customer satisfaction

For Solution Seekers

All organizations that are looking for technology solutions in AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, IoT, Quantum Computing etc. can register on GRAPES for global branding and marketing of their organization but also publishing their business problems so that relevant Solution Providers can connect with them and suggest appropriate solutions.

  • After completing the Registration Process, the companies can complete their profile elaborately
  • If they are facing any business challenge for which they need to obtain solution, they should publish the Business Case on the GRAPES Portal
  • Once the business problem is published on GRAPES portal, an alert is sent to all relevant Consultants/Solution Providers who deal with relevant industry or technology skills
  • All parties who are eligible to handle the Business Case or providing the technology solutions published by the customers after receiving the alert will have the ability to connect with them
  • After the customer has evaluated all the applications by the Consultants/Solution Providers, the customer would finalize party/parties for their services
  • All payments are made in advance through the GRAPES portal inclusive of GST for Consulting Services
  • Technology Solutions or Consulting is imparted to the customers and the Business Case is closed

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