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Benefits for Consultants through GRAPES Subscription:

  • Technology Experts or a Consultants has the ability to choose multiple technology skills in their profile to widen the scope of the services they can provide consulting upon to their customers
  • Consultants have the ability to choose multiple industries under their service offering where they can contribute with their expertise to their potential customers from varied industries
  • Consultants have the ability to publish their availability schedule on the GRAPES Portal so that they can make the best use of their available time to provide consulting services to their customers
  • As a Technology Expert or a Consultant with GRAPES, you can leverage on global access to the Solution Seekers from around the world and offer consulting services to various organization from different geographic locations
  • A Consultant receives an e-mail alert on their registered e-mail ID whenever a Solution Seeker has published a problem statement on GRAPES that is relevant based on industry and technology skills as of a Consultant matches with the customer requirement
  • A Consultant can earn a handsome fee for their 45 minutes consulting sessions with the customers who are seeking such services
  • A Consultant can have the opportunity to increase their revenue potential if the customers are also looking to develop Project Reports from the consultants
  • Additional revenue opportunity can be developed by the consultants if the Solution Seeking companies are looking for technical expertise to implement solutions in their organization
  • You can also avail one-time 50% discount on Delegate Fee for any event organized by AICRA
  • You may also have an opportunity to conduct Online Training Sessions for Corporates/ Education Institutions based on your skill set and earn additional income

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GRAPES?

GRAPES is an online marketplace for technology providers and technology solution seekers in areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, IoT, Quantum Computing, Data Science, Blockchain and other emerging technologies to meet and collaborate for the success of their businesses. 

Who should register with GRAPES?

Any technology company or consultant can register with GRAPES either as a Technology Solution Provider if they are offering technology solutions or Technology Solution Seeker if they are seeking any technology solutions in the areas of scope mentioned above for their organizations.

Who is a Technology Solution Seeker?

The technology solution seeker can be an organization or an individual seeking innovative solutions to overcome technology challenges. Once you register as a technology solution seeker, you will be able to find a wide variety of Technology Services/Solutions from the world’s renowned companies.

Who is a Technology Solution Provider?

Any technology company/expert/consultant registered with us for providing technology solutions related to Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Internet of Things, Data Science, Robotics, Quantum computing etc. 

Who is a Consultant or Technology Expert eligible to register on GRAPES?

A technology expert who specializes in the field of modern technologies mentioned above and looking to provide Consulting to the Technology Solution Seekers on the GRAPES is eligible to register on the GRAPES Portal.

What kind of technology solutions I can expect from GRAPES?

The user can expect technology solutions related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, the Internet of Things, Data Science, Robotic Process Automation, Quantum computing, etc.

How does it work if you are registered as a technology solution seeker?

Each registered user or Solution Seeker will get a dashboard where he/she can find the list of consultants and the Solution Providers registered on GRAPES Portal. Solution Seekers can also see the solutions/ projects uploaded by them. The Solution seekers can further connect with them and buy their projects or ask for customization through the GRAPES Platform.

How does it work for a technology solution provider?

If you are registered as a technology solution provider, you will get a dashboard with a username and a password. Each user can upload New/Readymade solution projects using the dashboard. The solution seekers will be able to see the published projects and connect with you if the solution is enticing for them. The solution providers can also address the technology challenges posted by the solution seekers and give solutions accordingly after receiving an alert on their registered e-mail ID.

How can a technology company partner with us?

Any technology company offering modern technology solutions can partner with us as a "Technology Solution Provider" by simply going through the online registration process and complete all the details in the form to avail all the benefits they become eligible for.

What are the requirements to register?

The user will be required to submit Personal/Company details such as name, email ID, contact information, company name to register with us. Once the details are submitted, a verification link will be sent to your registered email ID. Click on the link, and your account is verified and ready to use.

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