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  • 24/11/22


With the burgeoning oil/gas sector in the area offshore causing clean water shortages in Tekoradi, Ghana, something had to be done to increase clean water supply to meet the growing needs of both the military base and the surrounding community.


With the growing demand for water, Best Blend Ghana and the Ghana military enlisted Genesis Water Technologies to design, engineer, and build an optimised sea water desalination system solution. This system had to be concerned about the environment of the surrounding marine ecosystem.

A custom built GWT series modular desalination system was engineered and designed by Genesis Water Technologies. This system includes an advanced open sea water intake system and outfall that are designed to drastically reduce any potential effects of the intake and brine discharge on the marine environment. The water from the intake system is pumped to a storage tank for the inlet water. The water is processed through a multi-stage filtration process before being fed into a sea water reverse osmosis system.


The system exceeded the WHO standard for potable water. This system solution provides a safe source of potable water for many years to come to meets the water needs of the area with the ability to easily add capacity as needed into the future.

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